Reputation Maxx Asserts the Usefulness of SEO Tactics for Businesses

While many computer experts claim that SEO is dead, this is simply not true. Now, more than ever before, due to Google’s recent Hummingbird update, having an SEO-optimized website is of the upmost importance. The SEO Experts at Reputation Maxx are revealing some top tips for SEO optimization.

1. Diversify and use your links.
When it comes to SEO Optimization, it’s important to make sure that your links are from high-PR ranking websites. It is also important to have a lot of link diversity. Some of the best places to find high-ranking PR back links are on Press Releases, Social Media sites, WordPress/Blogger pages as well as social bookmarking sites and more are all useful ways to increase your site’s ranking as well as its place on search engine results.

2. Don’t go crazy with your links
In the past, people set up programs and plug ins that would mass bookmark links on their websites. In today’s age, it is better to focus on less bookmarks on higher-ranking sites than to put a bunch of bookmarks on low-ranking sites.

3. Focus more on diversifying the media on your sites.
These days, it’s important to remember to diversify the media on your websites. Things like videos, pictures, sound files and more are essential to a high-ranking website. Just as on social media, different visually appealing posts get more engagement, and now enjoy better SEO rankings as well reveals the SEO Experts at Reputation Maxx.