Why Posting Negative Pictures Anywhere Can Be Damaging: Case Study Gilbert Arenas

On May 5, former Washington Wizards basketball player Gilbert Arenas let the whole world know how he really felt about Pacers center Roy Hibbert. Though Arenas has not played since 2012, he still is a prominent figure with over 500,000 followers on Instagram, the social media outlet he took to blast the current player’s performance in Game one of the playoff series between the Wizards and the Pacers.

In the first 18 minutes of play, Hibbert was scoreless and reboundless in a the first game of a playoff series. Due to this fact, Arenas took to his Instagram, @mragentzero, to blast the current center. A lot of the pictures were removed, but the screenshots of what was posted and said can be seen here. The picture that remains up today reads as follows:

“Despite being a 7’2″ starting center, this ‘all-star’ is averaging 1.7 rebounds per game in April.”

While the Bleacher Report shares that there is no former conflict between the two, this is an unwise decision on the part of Gilbert Arenas, shares the online conflict experts and Reputation Maxx. When it comes to attacking others directly online, it is important to remember that anything that you say or post can never be fully deleted. In fact, the posts that were taken down can still be seen on the Bleacher Report’s website due to screenshots that were taken and reposted.

While it is unlikely that Gilber Arenas is hurting for money or for a job, if he was another citizen, this could result in real consequences that are long-lasting. The reputation management experts at Reputation Maxx share that you should always refrain from making personal attacks on another person via the Internet.