Reputation Maxx Shares Tips for Dealing with an Online Reputation Crisis

Reputation Maxx knows that when the unthinkable happens and a crisis situation occurs, it is easy to get carried away with emotions, become defensive, get the urge to run and a host of other reactions. However, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE in a reputation management crisis to keep one’s cool and follow a set procedure of steps in order to handle the crisis at hand.

Be realistic in your response times
Fortune 500 companies have round-the-clock customer service representatives waiting to deal with any customer complaint no matter what time of the day it is. When it comes to smaller businesses, however, they rarely have that man power. It is important to let people know how soon they can expect a response. If not, this could lead to consumers posting negative information on the Internet. It is always important to stick to that time frame, once you commit, says reputation expert and CEO of Reputation Maxx, Walter Halicki.

Be attentive, and respond thoughtfully
Oftentimes, customers and clients feel as if they have been cheated, feel as if they don’t matter, and vent these frustrations online. They want to feel as if they have been heard, and sometimes, a direct message from a representative of the company is all that is needed to stop angry posters from going on rants. Sometimes, customers have legitimate points and companies can actually benefit from some of the criticism that they find online.

Be truthful and transparent
When a crisis situation arises and your company is accused of not responding to something, ignoring posts, deleting posts that don’t agree with them and more, it is important to be honest and straightforward with clients, reveals Reputation Maxx. Doing this will promote good faith with consumers.