Four People Who Can Destroy Your Online Reputation…and How to Stop Them

The Internet can be a great tool when trying to build a business or a personal brand, unfortunately, there are also many things on the Internet that can seriously damage your reputation. The reputation repair experts at Reputation Maxx know how important it is to be aware of how you look online. Because of this, they are revealing four types of people that can ruin your reputation, and how to stop them.

  1. People you don’t know: These may be people that have heard of you or your business though someone else, people who have used your services but you have never met, or people trying to cause you harm for no real reason. It may be hard to tell just how many people are out there trashing your reputation, but with help, they are not impossible to defend against.
  2. Your enemies: These could be competitors in your field, but it is more likely people who have had issues with you in your personal life that are trying to harm you by attacking you and your brand. If what they are saying about you has no grounds and is just a malicious attack, legal action may be an option.
  3. Your friends: Reputation Maxx knows that this may seem impossible, but people who love you can hurt your online reputation. An unflattering photo of you out partying, inappropriate comments made on your website for laughs, or someone else’s bad behavior being connected to you can all hurt the way you are seen online. Separate personal and professional life, and ask friends to remove things that hurt you.
  4. You: Yes, you can hurt your own reputation. In fact, you are the person most responsible for your online reputation; you are capable of both destroying and fixing it with your actions. Be careful what you say and do online and when dealing with people professionally. Be proactive about your image and seek help when you cannot do it yourself. You are the key to protecting your online reputation so take action.

There are several ways to protect your name on the Internet. Setting up social profiles with vanity urls is one of the best ways to start taking control of the way that you look online. Buying domain names with urls that include your name is another way to protect oneself from future attacks on your good name.

Reputation Maxx is a leader in online reputation repair and management that will manage clients’ images so that they are free to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Reputation Maxx offers a number of services and tools that help build, protect, maintain, and fix the online reputations of their clients. This online reputation management firm uses these tools to provide business with the help they need to establish their online reputation and gain the footing that they need to ultimately succeed.